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tv   Today  NBC  September 21, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. nine american troops killed in a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. we'll go ely to kabul for the latest. criminal charges. the woman who lied about being th victim of an acid attack charged with theft for taking donations tland s and there's n information this morning about why she put acid on her own face. nd horrific scene. a bleacher collapses at anuto race injuring more than 1 one people and authorities are trying to find out how it happened, "today," tuesday, trying to find out how it happened, "today," tuesday, september 21, 2010. captions paid for by nbuniversal television and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith viera.
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>> and i'm mt lauer. nine american service members killed when their helicopter crashed in afghanistan. it is unclear right now whether that chopper was shot down by the talin, which they are aiming is true, or if it was simply an accident. >> it happened in the zabul province. so far the cause remains under investigation. >> we want to get more information on this right now, john yang is in kabul for us with the latest. john, what do you know this morning? >> reporter: good morning, matt, as you say, the nine servicemen dead are americans, nbc news is being told and at least one american civilian is among the three injured. this happened as you say in zabul province in southeastern afghanistan. much of the territory there is controlled by the taliban and coalition forces led b the united states had been stepping up their efforts to take on the taliban in that area, to try to drive them out. this has been the deadliest year
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for coalition forces, the deadliest year for u.s. forces with today's crash, 351 americans have died this year. matt? >> john, but as we say, according to american sources the causef this is still under investigation and yet the taliban has already claimed responsibility. is that the norm in a situati like this? would they normally do something like that? >> reporter: it's very common, matt. as a matter of fact we got the call here at nbc news from a talibanpokesman claimg responsibility. in the past they have often claimed responsibility for things that turned out to be accidents and many of the helicopter crashes here have been accidents, larly because of the tremendous amount o dust in the air. matt? >> john yang reporting from kabul this on this accident. john,hank you very much. now let's get a check of some of the morning's other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. the national guard says it is
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deeply sorry about a wildfire that destroyed at least three homes in utah and forced the evacuation of hundreds of others. that fire started during a live ammunition military exercise. today the senate takes up the matter of whether to ban gays in the military. and a californiaudge has issued an arrest warrant for lindsay lohan after she admitted failing a drug test. she'll remain free until friday's hearg. and dramatic video to show you, a man on board a sinking boat in croatia. and officials in brazil are trying to figure out wthe stand at a car race collapsed injuring
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hundreds of people. >> mr. roker is here with our first check of the weather. how are you doing, al? >> i'm doing pretty good, even good morning, bright sunshine. live view from the sky watch camera on this tuesday morning.
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a chilly sta. only in the 40s in montgomery. arlington, fairfax, prince georges county, upper 50s in washington and right near the water. aroun the region today, lots of sun with the highs near 80. it will like summertime each day. a chance for a passing shower on thursday, and then over the weekend, cooler. small chance of a shower sunday and monday. >> a that's your latest weather. it will come as little comfort to millions of out of work americans, but the recession officially ended in june of 2009. that report as president obama found himself face to face with angry voters overhe state of the economy. nbc's chief correspondent chuck todd. >> reporter: it's no secret the economy is the driving issue of this campaign season. the president himself admits we still feel like we're in a
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recession as he tries to tackle this economic angst, he's having very little success. presidt obama traveled to philadelphia late monday doing one of the few things he can still do best these days, raise money. he also sounded the alarm to his liberal base to motivate them to support pennsylvania democt joe sestak. >> we can't afford to go backwards, we need to move forward. we need joe sestak to move forward. the future will beat the past, that's what this election is abt. >> reporter: mr. obama was on iendly turf i pennsylvania. but earlier monday, the president joined a cnbc town hall meeting where he came face to face with disappointed and disillusioned supporters. >> i was really inspired by your campaign and the message that you brought. and that inspiration is dying away. it feels like the american dream is not aain bable to a lot of us. >> quite frankly, i'm tired of
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defending you, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. >> times are tough for everyone right now so i understand your frustration. >> reporter: the president defended his record on financial and hlth care reform, pleading with his audience to kee the faith. >> my goal here is not to try to convince you that everything's where it needs to be, it's not, that's why i ran for president. but what i am saying is that we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: after the town hall, wall street handed down a mixed verdict. >> he's a very personable man, but i didn't find anything that will change my mind out of this speech. >> he did go back to pro growth, he did not attack anyone. >> reporter: the president admitted as long as unemployment remains high, he'll have a hard time convinces americans to be optimistic about anything. >> if you're out of work right now, the only thing you're going
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to be hearing is when do i get a job. if you're about to lose your home all you're thinking about is -- >> reporter: theresident was asked directly if he was going to shake up his economic team after the election the president didn't dismiss this idea out of hand. he said that tim geithner might make the decision that they want to spend more time with thei family. >> let's bring in cnbc's trish reagan to talk about this idea that the recession end 50 months ago. what do you make of this report given the fact that so many people are still struggling. >> they're talking about what happened i june 2009. they're also pointing out that this is no reflection on the current state of the economy, so when you hear all this talk of a uble dip, it's very real, there are very real concerns out there and that's because the unemployment rate is still at a 27-year high. interestingly, whenever you're trying to come out of a
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recession, things often feel at their worst, you tend to see unemployment pick up because more people are trying to get into the workforce becse suddenly it looks like there's a prospect of getting a job, therefore the numbers appear higher. nonetheless, thectual economic bureau of research is saying that this does not reflect on the current state state of the economy, in other words, bottom line, double dip not off the table. >> so it doesn't necessarily mean there are better times ahead, things could get worse? >> exactly. and thas the issue that the federal reserve, that the administration is all trying to take into account right now. the problem is that people are not hiring, businesses are sitting on almost $2 trillion worth of cash right now and the key is how do you get them to start spending that money on workinger eers so that everythi starts umming along again. they have got to somehow break this cycle because it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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if people weren't getting back to work, they're not feeling confident about ending, therefore businesses don't have any demand, any consumer demand to really inspire them to go out and hire more people. so it's a vicio cycle. >> and the fed is meeting "today," what specifically can they ? >> they have talked about quantitative easing, they're going out and they're buying u.s. treasury bonds to keep rates low. it's somethi they're likely to continue to do during the foreseeable future. we'll look and see what they say today, so watch for that a 2:15 eastern time. as to whether they're going to raise rates right now, economists feel we're still in a very fragile state, so it may be a dangerous prospect. >> it is 7:10 and now here's matt. christine o'donnell, delaware's surprising republican candidate for senate is coming
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under renewed fire for allegations that she may have misused campaign contributions. kelly o'donnell is in washington with more on that story. >> reporter: the intensity around this election means that serious political issues and the culture of celebrity collide. an for a candidate like christine o'donnell, that can cut both ways, the attention can bring her the ability to raids a lot of money and the scrutiny can be harsh. more proof all politics is local. >> i wouldn'tiss this for the world. >> reporter: the 41-year-old tea party favorite, christine o'donnell was only asked about voters' issues not herself dung a forum. >> wjuor donnell decided that s spent campaign money from a previous race on personal expenses. we have been ethical. we have not -- i personally have not misused the campaign funds.
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>> reporter: a watch dog group filed a complaint monday with the federal elections commission that cited a former o'donnell aid who claimed she spent donations on rent, gas and meals in 2009. o'donnell called the claims politically motivated and blames liberals. >> they're scared that the person that harry reid'salled his pet is not going to get the seat, the momentum surrounding this campaign is obvious. that's why they're creatin baseless accusations. >> reporter: when supporters rushed to tell o'donnell not to listen to criticisms or the attention surrounding her old guest sts on tv shows like "politically incredible." >> i dabbled in stuff, i never joined a coven. >> reporter: o'donnell appeared 20 times in the '90s. >> she was good for ratinging because she was a great guest.
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>> one of my first dates was a waitress on a satanic alter and i didn't know it. >> it should not affect her being elected to the senate or not. >> maher emphasized that he likes o'donnell. he took a few spots at her expense, but framed her as genuine. >> i would not exactly put her on the intelligence committee, if she gets to the senate, if you know what i mean, but she certaiy is sincere, yes. >> reporter: and maher said he's only doing it -- on a more serious matter, these allegations, if theec decides to do an audit on her campaign reports, the filings that she has to make and these qutionable expenses, it could ke a long time for that review, far beyond the time left before the midterm elections. >> kelly o'donnell, thanks very much. nicole wallace is a republican strategist and former
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communications director for president george w. bush. most people across the country only learned the name christine o'donnell about a week ago. >> right. >> and in that week she's gotten an awful lot of attention. to republicans, does that attention make you nervous or excited? >> you know what's funny is that most republicans first heard of her when karl ro took to the airwaves to express his concerns about her and to support mike castle. so i think people are eager to see her be successful, but they're also a little anxious about some of the ethical issues that have been raised. >> the same pdits who said she couldn't beat mik castle are saying her chances of winning in the general election are slim if not impossible, do you see it that way? i think this election is where it is, the deck of cardsas been thrown into the air and nobody knows how they're going
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to land. but the tea party is the only movement that's active in the psych that's not playing to win. what's so fascinating about the tea party is they are willing to lose, that makes them quite powerful. >> you advised sarah palin and now some people are saying not only is christine'donnell similar to sarah palin, she started to dress like sarah palin, i'm going to give you her campaign between now and the midterm election, what would you do? what would you change? what would you keep the same? >> think i'm exactly the kind of personhat the tea party doesn't wantdvising their candidates, so i wouldn't expect she would take any of my advice, but what i would suggest is that she not get in that mentality where you only speak to the base. i think your poll shows this week that independents are thinking like and acting like and open to voting like republicans. so you can't miss that opportunity as the tea party candidate to speak to them. so m advice would be to take the message everywhere. and if the tea party can stay
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focused on shrinking the budget, they might have some victories. >> the president said monday that it's not going to cut it for the teaarty to run around saying we're going to fix washington, they've got to come up with ways they're going to cut spending. does the tea party need to put forward a specific platform, a la the contract with americans back in 1994? >> i spent six years in the white house,nd let me just say for the white house to be engaging a political conservative movement is insanity. >> can he ignore them. >> i think they need to address their central concern. the tea party is a result of obama's presidency. they were ignited by the stimulus, they flourished durin the health care debate and they are now -- >> except the tea party has stood up and taken notice of some of the spending practices dung george bush's presidency too so it wasn't only born after
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president obama took office. >> it was building duringhe bush years, it was the education bill, it was the expansion of government, it was the deficit ballooning and when obama came in and passed stimulus and health re, he ignited this political wildfire. and i think it is a huge mistake for the obama white house to engage the tea party. >> nicole wallace, as always, thanks, good to have you here. the resurgence of bed bugs has gotten so bad that experts across the country are gathering for the first of its kind bed bug summit. kevin tibbles is in chicago with details. >> reporter: i have a very scary bed-time story for you this morning. because once upon a time the only time we heard about bed bugs was when traveling in foreign countries. but these days in america they're back with a biting vengeance. >> hello, bed bug central, may i help you?
7:18 am
>> reporter: america is a bed bug battleground. >>ive infestations spreading all across all 50 at this point. >> reporter: new york's nike town, college campuses, libraries, a military base, even bugs, they might be on ested. you right now, can you feel them crawling all over you? >> reporter: these little blood sucker have been so prolific, chicago is now hosting the first bed bug summit where experts in both medicine and exterm mags meet to plot the end of the invasion. their weapon? everything from a freeze gun to ice the little critters. >> i'm freezing the little buggers. its instants freeze. >> reporter: we heat treat the trailer. >> other partsf the world, they just live with bed bugs. but americans weren't going to do that.
7:19 am
so they're going to do everything in their power to get rid of them and i don't blame them >> reporter: because in america parasites like bed bugs also carry a biting stigma. >> they look at you like you have a disease. and you feel like you do, you're getting eaten alive, it's horrible. >> reporter: sure they are horrible, but one person's pest is another peon's picture and visitors to the summit could carry home a framed portrait, better on your wall than in your bed. this gathering of the best and the brightest in bed bug business have tripled ithe last year while they try to bite the bug before it bites you. >> every crisis presents an opportunity. no question about it. some people are going to take advantage of this. ahead, new details, what led a woman to rub acid on her own face andhen lying to
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still ahead, a city councilman narwly survived a bear attack at his home. we're going to hear his dramatic call to 911. and why was a british girl just crowned america's perfect -- i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society...
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good morning. our time right now, p:. it is tuesday, the 21st day of september, 2010. good morning. i'm joe krebs. we're following breaking news on th roads this morning. we're going to go straight to jerry edwards. >> good morning. it's been a terrible morning. this is thenner loop with delays leave up past i-96. the lanes are open, but unfortunately the delays are going to be with us for some time. now, for those of you coming in on 66. it's delayed all the way on in. that's because of the earlier accident. again, the travel lanes are open. time to start thing thinking alternate routes. you'll save yourself a lot of aggravation. joe? >> it is a chilly morning out there. we'll get a check of the forecast coming up. forecast coming up. stay with us.
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with tee freshly baked bagel twists for only $3, like our delicious new tomato basil or sweet chocolate chip, so grab three for 3 today. [ ding! ] good morning. sunny and chilly throughout much of the region. bright sunshine. warmer tomorrow, thursday and friday, near 90 each day. maybe rain.
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7:30 here on tuesday morning, the 21st day of september, 2010. a sunny, clear morning out on the plaza, it's beautiful out there, music you hear is our way of letting you know the grammy winning band maroon5 stopped by for a live performance. we're lookg forward to that. also indoors, i'm matt lauer along with meredith viera and just ahead, we're going to talk more about the story of bethany storro, the woman who lied about e attack by a stranger with acid has now been charged in that case with theft allegedly taking donations to pay her bills. we'll have more on this bizarre story. and the dangers of distracted driving and if you think teenagers are involved in the most cell phone related deadly crashes, think again. and you would think the winner of a contestalled
7:31 am
"america's perfect teen" would come from america, but you would be wrong. >> so how did that happen? and why did she enter the competition? we're going to have more on that ahead. but let us begin this half hour with the wan who admitted burning her face with acid. >> reporter: good morning to you, ought, bethany storro has been charged with three counts of felony theft for allegedly taking money from the community that was trying to help pay her medical bills. now prosecutors say she has to pay. bethany storro claimed she was the victim of a vicious acid attack, but prosecutors say stor was no viim. they say the community was duped and donated nearly $30,000 to help pay her medical bills. >> she will be arrested, the lice know where she is. i did file the charges, i certainly haven't seen a case like this before. >> reporter: last month, storro
7:32 am
told police that a woman she didn know approached her and threw acid in her face, burned and bandaged, she spoke out in an emotional news conference at the hospital. >> i know what this person did to me. >> reporter: but last week, police say the 28-year-old vancouver, washington woman admitted the trauma was self-inflicted. her remorsefu parents apologized for her actions and pledged to get help for their daughter. >> we're going to be there for her, she's got a long road ahead of her, but shs on the road and we're going to walk it with her. >> reporter: doctors and police were skeptical of storro's story as they investigated. her burn pattern was even as if the acid had been applied to her face rather than thrown as she claimed. there were no splash marks on her body or clothes and no physical evidence at the scene, also nowhere to be found, those
7:33 am
miraculous sunglasses bethany claimed saved her sight. >> not 20 minutes before the acid was thrown in my face, so if i hadn't have had those, i probably would have been blind. >> reporter: storro confessed the burns were self-administered. she also bought a pair of gloves to wear while applying the caustic substance to her face and applied it with towels and made several applications hours before the incident was reported. the linger question, why? storro told police she first wanted to kill herself, but when she realized that wasn't working, she used the drain cleanore change her appearance quote, i thought maybe it was the answer to all of my problems to have a completely different face. a co-owner of a loc fitness center is one of the many people who prosecutors say was a victim of storro's story. he raised and donated hundreds
7:34 am
of dollars to help her. >> i don't think anyone is really mad about what she did, they're just more sad because why wld somebody really do that to themselves? >> reporter: storro's parents are also baffled and heart broken, they have pledged to make thing right. >> all money will be returned in the appropriate manner, that will be guaranteed. >> reporter: storro reportedly spent 1,500 of that donated money on dinners, train tickets, even purchases at target. friends say she's checked herself into a local hospital for treatment and police are expected to take her into custody once she's released. matt? >> kristen welker in los angeles. clark county prosecutor tony l golic is here with us personally. given the circumstances of this case, we clearly have a young lady who's not emotionally sound, no one would do what she did to herself if they were
7:35 am
thinking rationally. that h to me your decision a tough call. take me through it. >> well, the decision on charging her is based not on what she did to herself, but based on her action in the two weeks afterwards when she was holding the press conferences and indicating that somebody else had done this to her and taking mon from members of the community, it washat action based on like i say her action in the weeks following. >> i know, but again, goi back to her emotional state. i mean ifhe parents promised that the money would be returned, was there any thought in your mind that this young lady needs help, not a felony charge? >> i think that, you know, we need to look at it as the case moves forward on howe're going to handle it. but it was clear from the evidence that we had multiple felony crimes that were
7:36 am
committed and it seemed like a straight forward decision that felony charges should be filed. >> do you have to know after filing these specific charges, have to prove that she concocted this story deliberately to cash in and get that money? >> no, like i say, the charges are based on her actions afterwards, i don't have to prove that while she was putting the acid on her face that she was at that time thinking she would do it to get money, the theft by deception charges, like i say for her behavior afterwards, she's holding press conferences saying that a black female did this to her and, you know, telling the community that is happened to hernd asking for help. >> you talk about the community, i was interested in kristen's piece to hear that one gentlem who helped raise money for her medical bills that people aren't angry, they're sad. have you been hearing similar
7:37 am
thoughts from others in the community? >> very mixed emotions in the community. there's a lot of people in the community that are very upset with her behavior and want to see her pay. and there are other people who say this is a very sad case. i'm looking at the facts and the evidence in looking at making a charging decision and based on her behavior and taking the money, spending a lot of the money, like i said, the charging decision was a simple one. >> and realquickly, i know people around here say she's incredibly remorseful, is this a situation where you would be open to some kind of a plea deal and get this over with? >> that's a distinct possibility, we'll need to get her intocourt, get a lawyer signed so i can talk with a lawyer, find out if she really is remorseful or not. and we'll need to get the case proceeding and find out how it goes. >> tony golic, i appreciate your time this morning. thanks very much. >> thanks, matt. all right let's switch gears and get a check the weather
7:38 am
froml. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by weight watchers, because it works.
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nny and chilly on this tuesday morning good. morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. live view from the sky watcher camera. it's only 57 at national airport, near 50 in prince georges. 40 in fairfax country. ghs today, climbing near 70 to near 80. lots of sun with a southwesterly breeze and it will look like summerme thursday and friday as well. there's a chance of a shower on thursday. >> and that's your latest forest. don't forget you can check your weather any te of the day or night on online. and now to the dramatic 911 call placeded by the wife of a city councilman in washington state as her husband was being attacked by a bear near their vacation home. here's nbc's george lewis. >> reporter: this is where the
7:40 am
bear attack ed the vacation hom in washington. the viim, a member of the bellevue, wasngton city council. >> there was nobody there, i was screaming for help. but nobody was there. >> reporter: hisife lynne saw the attack and called 1. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency? >> i'm at the north shore road and my husband's been attacked by a bear. >> your husband's been attacked by a bear. >> yes, he's at the bottom of my driveway. >> i just kept my flashlight on that bear. >> at one point john can be heard on the tape calling for help. >> i'm dying! >> he said he's dying. >> with bite marks on his face, head and neck and numerous puncture wounds all over his body was hospitalized. >> he's getting better and better, it's just remarkable. >> reporter: neighbo were
7:41 am
surprised by the bear's aggressive behavior. >> black bears are usually not that dangerous. >> reporter: experts say people should never assume that black bears won't attack and should keep their distance from the animals. the overturned garbage cans are eviden of recent bear activity. the bear involved in this attack was tracked down by authorities and killed. for "today," george lewis, nbc news, los anles. and still to come, what made actress tori spelling decide to write a children's book? she's going to sp by to explain. >> don't climb out of there, please. i'm pretty serious about saving for retirement and all my investments, but it's not something that i want to do completely on my own -- i like to discuss my ideas with someone. that's what i like about fidelity. they talked with me one on one, so we could come up with a plan that's right for me, and they wked with me to help me stay on track -- or sometes, help me get on an even better one. woman: there you go, brian. thanks, guys. man: see ya.
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go to [ indistinct shouting ] what's in your wallet? back now at 7:4 4 with a new warning on the dangerous of distracted driving and the deadly toll that it takes. falies who have lost loved ones are gathering together for a national summit "today." tom costello is here with more details. >> reporter: good morning, you know we learned recently that the total number of fatalities on the nation's rds has dropped rather dramatically, but the percentage, the proportion of those people who died as a result of distracted driving, that hasn't changed at all over th years, in fact it's up dramatically over the last five years. the11 calls warned the accident in davenport, florida looked awful. >> a tractor trailer slammed a couple of cars behind me, it looked really bad. >> reporter: within minutes
7:45 am
rescuers would learn just how bad. a 61-year-old truck driver texting while driving had plowed into eight cars at 65-mile-per-hour causing horrific injuries and killing two women. among them, 26-year-old heather herd, on her way with her fiance to meet a walt disney world wedding planner. >> in four or five seconds, it cost my daughter her life and the family will never be the same. >> there wasn't a doubt that that was 100% preventable. no one should have to lose their life by somebody texting. >> reporter: the government repos distracted driving led to 448,000 traffic injuries and claimed more than 5,400 lives in 2009. 16% of all traffic fatalities, the same percentage as in 2008 and up from 10% in 2005. and it's not just teenagers. of those drivers involved in
7:46 am
fatal accidents t 30 to 39 age group had the highest proportion of cell phone involvement. a portland bus driver reading his kindle as he drove, even string with his elbow while he turned the page, the transportation secretary calls it a national epidemic. >> people have so accustomed having that cell phone in their ear or texting and driving and while you're punching a number in your cell phone or you're texting somebody and you go a little more than four seconds in the 3,000 to 4,000-pound vehicle, you drive the length of a football field witho looking at what's in front of you. >> reporter: secretary la hood has already gathered some big names including oprah to join his crusade against distracted driving. eight states and d.c. ban hand held cell phones. >> because of texting, i won't be able to do a lot of things, walk my daughter down the aisle,
7:47 am
or even hear her giggle ever again. >> reporter: after the accident kim and russ herd wt home to maryland. their ultimate goal, a ban on every cell phone, any pda, anything that can distract. >> no phones, no texting, drive. >>eporter: the state where heather was killed, flori still has no law as it relates to cell phone use or texting while driving, but the herds did manage to get the speed limit changed through that strt. and up next, how did a british girl get crowned america's perfect te? we'll ve more on that right after this. xercise, but basically, i'm a runner. la year. (oof). i had a bum knee that needed surgery. but it got complicated, because i had an old injury. so i wanted a doctor who had done this before. and unitedhealthcare's database helped me find a surgeon.
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always a lot going on. we have three children and two dogs. this is my baby. this is the most expensive meer of the household. scottyeeded a new laptop for llege, but we don't like to pay interest unnecessarily. so, the blueprint plan couldn't have come at a better time because i'm able to designate what i pay off every month and then what i'm going to pay off over time. blueprint really gives me peace of mind. with blueprint on her slate card, geraldine designed a plan to save money on interest. does your creditard have blueprint? we're back now at 7:49 with the surprising winner of a competition called america's perfect teen. she hails not from new york or california, but from great britain. how did tt happen?
7:50 am
michelle kosinski is here to explain what happened. >> the brits seem pretty pleased with themselvesver this. but only in america, the land of opportunity could a girl from whales, cross the ocean, com over here, enter a big fancy bouty pageant and then be crowned america's perfect teen. smiles, feathers, sparkles, what does it take to be america's perfect teen? how about -- >> what is your perfect facebook status? >> that's like a really hard one. i don't really spend a lot of me on facebook. >> the perfect british accent. wait a minute. >> you're a perfect teen. >> reporter: yes the lovely and talented alicia panastar looks
7:51 am
stunned. >> she came all the way from europe and now s is america's perfect teen. >> reporter: america's perfect teen isn't american, her parents do have a vacation home in florida and that's how she planned to take it all and the tie america's perfect teen. >> there really isn't any reason for an uproar. >> after the british press started gloating about how an nisha conquered the american wanna wannabes. >> she had a beautiful black cape, she had a very short sassy hair cut. great stage presence. >> are you telling me that big hair doesn't win it anymore. >> reporter: some are saying it's down right un-american, she has won the crown, the cash and a scholarship to learn broadcast journalism right here in the u.s. of a. >> what kind of business as do you have do have her.
7:52 am
>> really it's about the glitz and the glamour and the stage presence. >> reporter: like a smile like this? >> nothing like that actually. >> reporter: if an american teen can't win america's perfect teen, what's to become of this nation? >> that's a very good question. >> reporter: still he says if anyone's mad, they are probably just jealous. apparently one of the contestants had a live cougar on the stage and even that couldn't beat this lady. as much as the other contestants might be saying what's wrong with this picture, the rules clearly state you just need to own property in this country. if he does get international contestants, maybe he'll change th name to world's perfect teen. >> good luck in e ms. canada contest. justahead, tori spelling on her marrie and her new children's book after your local news. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
7:53 am
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7:56 am
appropriately enough. beautiful sunshine. but it has been really rough on the commute out there this morning. let's go to jerry edwards and the "news 4" traffic network. it has been very tough, an it's not getting mu better. this is the beltway inner loop that's crawling just past i-66 where an eaierccident has been cleared, so the lanes are op. coming in from the west on i-66, that's jammed, and that's because of the beltway crash. there were multiple incidents. man as sass all the way . outer loop of the beltway after 29, lanes are open, but that's crawling from college park. tough one. joe? >> thanks forthat. keep in mind it's a
7:57 am
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7:59 am
i'm tom kierein. right now we're in the 40s and # 50s. afternoon highs in the 80s with lots of sunshine. tomorrow feeling like summertime with highs near 90. might get a passing shower aft midnight through midday thursday. joe? >> thanks, tom. we'll have more news, weather, and traffic in 25 minutes and join us tomorrow morning at 4:30 for "news 4 today."
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, september 21st, 2010. and we steputside to stay hello to all of these fine faces. coming up in our next half ur, a live performance. maroon 5. >> they're doing all the wrong stunts now. >> i'm meredith viera along with matt lauer and al roker. we're going to catch up with tori spelling who's starring in a romance reality show with her husband, now she's taking a crack at writing children's b k books, we're going to talk to her about that and other thing. mario is leer and he's got a great idea, everybody's so busy at this time of year. he's got some great dishes you can make now, you can assemble now and pop them in the u oven
8:01 am
at a later date and feed them to your family. >> i was away last week, so i was googling and saw some video of your interview with jon hamm. i guess jay lean knly leno was too. >> meredith vier she was very cute. she had jon hamm on, and maybe it's me, but i think she was smitten with him. e looked like she was flirting with him. again, you be the judge, watch this. >> you're from st. louis originally and this has catapulted you -- >> i think that's over the line. >> ladies, do you blame me? no, exactly.
8:02 am
i didn't do that. >> it was on tape. >> let's go inside, tamron hall is filling in for ann at the news desk oday." good morning, matt and meredith and good morning everyone. nine arican service members were killed this morning when their helicopter crashed in southeastern afghanistan. u.s. officials tell nbc news there was no sign of hostile fire and deny claims that the taliban has shot down the aircraft. the cause of the crash is under investigation. president obama refused to reveal monday if he'll shake up his economic team before the november elections. at a cnbc town hall meeting monday, the president caught an earful from supporters who said they were frurated over the weak state of the economy. the president urged them to keep the faith and pointed to his record on health care a financial reform. those financial reforms include a new consumer financial protection bureau to regulate
8:03 am
things like mortgages and credit cards. this morning elizabeth warren explained her mission. >> what this is about is really a pretty simple idea credit agreements ought to be easy enough for people to read that they can make direct comparisons. they shouldn't be about fine print, they shouldn't be about legalese, they shouldn't be about tricks and traps that nobody knows are there until they reach up and bite you. >> warren said she'll push back against financial firms already fighting. a suspect in a high profile north carolina murder case has a court date today in niagra falls. janet shanlian is in concord this morning. >> reporter: it' tough to rattle seasoned police officers, ey deal with crime every day, but here in concord, this entire
8:04 am
department is in a state of shock because this time th victim was family. valerie hamill's disappearance was different than most, she was the police chief's daughter. so monday night in concord, they closed the streets and opened their hearts to chief meryl hamilton and his family at a candle light vigil outside the police station. meryl's daughter valerie was last seen leaving the charlotte tavern wednesday night, surveillance tapes showhe wasn't alone. >> bartenders or anyone that was working go downtown and help photo i.d. people. >> over the weekend, the worse possible news for the police chief and everybody who knew valerie, her body was found in a storage unit. police began a nationwide search for michael neil harvey, a convicted sex offender.
8:05 am
chief hamilton called upon police departmts across the country to help find harvey. harvey was arrested in his hometown of ni gag are falls. this case is very much an open and active investigation. >> heas are always heavy at a death ithe community. but never here has there been one that hit so close to home for law enforcement. thsuspect previously served four years in a new york prison for raping a woman he met in a bar, he will make his first court appearance in new york today and authorities are working on extradition proceedings to bring him back here to north carolina. the space shuttle "discovery" began it's final
8:06 am
trip tohe launch pad. it's scheduled to lift off to the international space station november 1. it will end 30 years of shuttle flights. and an unscheduled landing during monday's rush hour in atlanta, a plane with mechanical problems made a smooth touchdown on i-85 without hit anything cars. it is 8:06, now let's get another check of the weaer from al. hey, al. >> tamron, thank you so much. and we have got a cutie here, what's your name? >> olivia. >> where are you guys from? >> atlanta. >> thanks for coming down, we appreciate it. and as we check your weather "today," our pick city is cleveland, ohio. 85 degrees. sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard, got a beautiful day "today" here in theeast. we do have some strong storms, risk of strong storms from the
8:07 am
great lakes back into the mississippi river valley. igor pulls away and sunny and chilly on this tuesd morning. good morning. i'm tom kierein. right now around the region, n generly in the 40s. sunny tomorrow, near 90. again, near 90 thursday and friday. you might get a shower on thursday. and then as we get into t weekend, some cooler weather moves in. highs near 80 on saturday, and then there's a chance of a passing shower. both days highs in the 70s, morning lows near 60.
8:08 am
>> teddy herrera riding 1,100 miles on his bike. tori spelling is here, she's going to talk about her new show she's working on, lots of things. from land to sea. when you cross over you become a different person. ♪ are you ready? yotaste foods you've never tried. ♪ i want to bang on the drum all day ♪ you im with animals you've only seen in aquariums. and somewhere out onhe high seas, you get your first watewedgie. ♪ i don't want to play ♪ i just want to bang on the drum alday ♪ [ ship horn blows ] words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed.
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8:12 am
we're back at 8:12. tori spelling became a household name in the '90s starring on "90210." she's become a wife and mother of two and the author of three tell all books. now she's written her first children's book. was this always on your to do list? how did this come about? ? no, actually, i knew i loved writing and after my three memoirs, i just decided because of my kids, i wanted something to read to them, we're avid readers at the house, i read to them every day, every night before bed. and i wanted to do something for them that they'll always have. i was pretty schooled on it since i read books every day, so i knew exactly what works and what doesn't work and it's all about the visuals and the storytelling, keep it simple. >> and the illustrations,
8:13 am
exactly. >> tellulah is a little rich girl, she's told what she cannot doing, she can't get dirty, can't wear jeans. a lot of people are making the comparison between tellulah and tori. >> i have no idea who she's based on. >> she's loosely based on me. but i didn't grow up with those parameters, my family was pretty loose. i did grow up always being told from the kids at school that i was rich and i wasn't allowed to do this and i could don't that so that notion was always kind of in the back of my head. 's about being yourself and being able to find that balance and i'm talking about wanting to be normal, what's the definition of normal and that's kind of a trend in my book. i think we all want to feel special, but we all want t fit in. so it's just a message. >> and what do your kids think of the book? thosare the most important
8:14 am
itics. >> you know you're in when your kids say read it again, read it again. i said this is kind of based on mama. and the character max is based on uncle ron. now after she reads it, she's likeood job, mama. "the new york times" best seller list, that's big-- >> you talk about the problems you have with your mom, and that's all beereconciled. how are things going with her? >> things are great. knock on wood somewhere, but it's really good. people tell me all the time, we ver thought it would happen, d we'r happy for u, it's nice that people are happy for a good situation. >> what do you think was the reason that it finally did all work? >> mean at the base of it, obviouslwe wouldn't be back together if there wasn't that underlying love that we share. we love each other and we had to gepast some stuff.
8:15 am
and i think it was the kids. what works best is just to move forward. it would be too much just to go back and rehash everything because i'm sure we see things different. but we moved forward with love. yesterday was her birthday and the kids got to spend it with her. >> and with your brother randy as well, things are now okay? >> he's going to be married this weekend, so the whole family is going to see him. >> let's talk about your husband dean for a little bit. because last season -- >> does this involve the motorcycle? >> it is going to involve the motorcycle, yes it is. last season you went through a rocky time but it ended wit yo reconciling and you renewing your vows. but it had to do with the fact that he rides bikes and it drive you crazy. and this smer he was in another accident that punctured his lungs. is this going to be something you al are gng to have to de with? >> at least i don't have to say i told you so because i think he knows. i'm not his parents, i'm his
8:16 am
spouse, his equal, so i can't tell him not to do it. but it did scare him a lot and he's decided he doesn't want to race anymore. he doesn want to dirt bike ride and it gives him a little bit of a wakeup call. >> and that give you a certain sense of relief right there? >> yes. >> and you're starring in an oxygen wedding planning show? >> if anye watches the show they know i love to plan events. so i thought the kind of next step was to throw weddings s we're finding couples that need help and being able to throw amazing weddings. >> and this does not replace your current show? >> no, both shows. they just get it two times a year now. >> the troubles that paris hilt has been facing recently and lindsay lohan with the law, from your experience in hollywood, how do you avoid those pitfalls? >> well, i mean for me, it was easy, i had my eye on the prize,
8:17 am
i knew what i wanted, i was determined and i was a hard worker and i think i got those ethics from my dad. not to say that they don't have strong families, but you have to fee cows on what you want. it doesn't matter if you start working young, i started when i was 16, i knew i wanted to work, i wanted to be successful on my own and i wanted a family. so it's just values. >> do u sleep? >> very little. >> always a pleasure to have you here. and thank you so much. tori spellingnd up next, recipes you can make now and bake later, right after this. it's pretty cool. [ woman ] you just feed your check in. feed the money right in. no deposit slips. no looking for an envelope. i have an image of my check ght here. i can get a picture of the check, on the receipt. it even tells what kind of bills i put in. [ man ] you just put the bills right in. it even did the math f me. -fr twentys. -a ten. -two fives. -a hundred bucks. -it's all right here. ♪ i'm done, i'm outta here.
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8:21 am
[ male announcer ] share your toyota story on "today's" cooking school is brought to you by hellmann's. >> recipes you can prepare ahead of time and bake jusbefore serving. mario batalli is here with an eggplant parmesan. welcome back. this is great, people are busy, you can assemble these dishes ahead of time, pop them in the oven with your kids get home. >> that's the whole thi about italian food, opping, getting the right ingredients in the house and then minimal technique. >> you sweat the eggplant before
8:22 am
you grill it? >> what they thought, originally th would thought that was getting rid of the bitterness, but it's actually lowering the water content and making it a litt bit more tender. when you tack them like this as opposed to taking out a big wedge of this stuff. then people understand what is kind of the limit of how much to put in there. >> you get the nice dark grill marks on there. >> here's the trick. >> you might want to wash off the bottle before that. you grillhem for a while. >> there's no frying, there's no bread crumbs there's no egg batter. and real itali food is like that, it's not really elaborately breaded. >> you've got kind of a nice textured tomat sauce there.
8:23 am
>> it's the matt lauer brand. but since i couldn't find the matt lauer brand, i went with a name trusted. >> you can always go with meone you trust. >> little more cheese, and bread crumbs on the top. >> you put a nice little piece of mozzarella there. >> the last little bit of chunky sauce. >> that goes in the oven for how long? >> about 25 minutes at about 350, 375. >> so i'm ming -- can you pronounce that for me again? >> we're going to use top round or flank eak. you just want to beat it down until it's a little tender. what's unknown to most americans is that your butcher will almost alwa do this work.
8:24 am
now you take a little bit of mixture of parmesan. you can add nutmeg, you can add anything you want here. and they put a little hard boiled eggs in here, but then they do it like so. >> and then you roll. >> just like a little jelly roll. you can tie it or you can use a tohpick. i like to give it a quick little mucher knot. and tie it around like that. why don't you try a toothpick, which effectively you just go in and out. and do two and they're actually easier to spot. the beauty of this kind of string situation, at any house, the one who ends up with the most strings on their plate gets to do the dishes. >> and then you stick in the fry pan? >> the key to this whole thing is browning it very carefully so it gets ne and golden brown. how do you know when it's done? >> it's brown like that, and you
8:25 am
add a little bit of red wine, some olives and a little bit more of the matt lau tomato sauce. you bring it up to the boil and at that point you can let this -- at that point you can put them in the refrigerator, go away in the morning, go back, turn on the oven at 375. put those in for about ten minutes, 20 minutes, and here you have a feast. those are savory crepes. it's often served as a pasta dish. so you can set the whole thing up in the morning or even the day before and freeze it. >> you eat one of those, that's your portion, you put it in a big baking dish, you're going to chop up more than you should be using. >> a lot of people are going to chop up more than they expected. the boundary here is clear. one thing i want to point out, all of these are available on my brand-new iphone
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26 is our time. beautiful bright sunshine out there. cool, crisp temperatures on this september 22nd. good morning. i'm joe kres. we're following the news affecting the roadways around the area. let's go straight to jerry edwards. jerry? >> joe, it's been a tough, tough morning. we had an accident earlier on the inner loop. it took some time to get it cleared. it's gone now, but delays as a result will get back in springfield. virginia, 95, southbound, southbound , you loose the right lane on lorton, that's jammed. maryland has had its problems too. the outer loop is crawling, greenbelt to silver spring. serious accident there has been cleared. very touch commute. joe? >> rough day on the road
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. it's chilly now, but we'll be warming to near 80 with lots of sun. small chance of a shower on thursday as we get into the weekday, it looks like it will be a bit cooler saturday, sunday, monday. small chance of a shower sunday and monday. highs in the 70s. joe? >> we'll have more on news, weather, and traffic in 25 minutes
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:who -- 8:40 now on a tuesday morning. a beautiful morning here on rockefeller plaza. it's going to warm up tomorrow, the first day of fall. but you know what? they're not complaining out on the plaza, matt lauer, along with meredith viera, al roker and tamron hall joining us as well. coming up, maroon 5 in the studio, rehearsing right now and they're going to play one of their new hits for us coming up in just a few minutes.
8:31 am
we're goihow to get yoursel out of debt without using one of those popular debt settlement companies that are out there. he's got some creative solutions for your kitchen, everything fm things you cook with, to that mysterious odo that comes out of your dishwash dishwasher. we'll find out how to get rid of it. >> and you know what haens tonight? biggest loser on nbc kicks off its 10th season. bob harper is here to talk about that. love the cargo pants. that's unbelievable. are you surprised by the long
8:32 am
jeffri jeffri longevity of the show. >> we pulled together to help all those contestants as much as we possibly n. >> pay it forward, how are you doing this? >> during our travel around the country to bri our contestants back to the ranch. and we really tried to inspire the cits we wt to really back their teammates and to try to lose weight. >> what are some of the challenges that you've got? that's part of the show to see if these people can make it through. >> i think the challenge is to keep them motivated after the show isdone, because they get so motivated when the cameras are on, but we want to change their lives forever, hopefully. >> do you keep in touch with the contestants through the years. >> now that we're about to start season 11, it's difficult, we have a lot of projects in the works right now t get them motivated. >> bob, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> and for all the good work
8:33 am
this show has done and we should mention that the premier of the new season of "biggest loser" is tonight at 8:00 good morning. bright and sunny, but still on the chilly side around the region. many locations are just around 50 degrees here on this tuesday morning. and it's going to climb, though, to near 80 by mid afternoon. right now it's 60 in washington. and we'll have lots of sunshine throughout the day. and overnight tonight it will be
8:34 am
cloudy, perhaps not until thursday, but it could be clear tonight and most of torrow. and then perhaps on thursday, a passing shower. but otherwise, dry, period, and feeling like summertime wednesday, thursday, friday. >> that's your latest weather, don't forget, check your weather any final of the day or night. go to on cable or online >> willard, that's what i said. >> a pressure few. happy birthday, we have a beautiful, beautiful meta ilten. her secret to longevity, no medicine, ever. 111. lucille liechty of burke,
8:35 am
virginia. she said the best thing about being 100 is you eat what you want andon't worry about it. ralph cohen, 100 years old "today." good friend with curly from the three stooges. can't have a better friend than that. i interviewed those guys once, they really were fun, and nuts. and rollande bourgeois. lives alone, mows her own lawn. elizabeth daniels, jack's sister, attributes longevity to working hard. lucille wilson, from ytown, texas, 100 years old, works in the kitchen at the local church
8:36 am
and has been a member for 60 years. the world equestrian games are held every four years to find the best of the best in the equestrian world. they get underway here in lexington, kentucky. we have got some kentucky fans. folks, good to see you both. how big a deal, i mean this the first time they're being held heren the state, is that a huge deal for the sport? >> absolutely, we come from a sport that doesn't get a lot of attention in the u.s.nd this is a huge opportunity for a lot of people who usually don't get to see our sport, come and support us. >> i think most people know jumping, theyave seen that competition, but there are oth events. what can they expect to see? >> the three olympic competitions, so it really covers a wide sector. >> i mentioned jumping and we're
8:37 am
looking at right now probably the best known. this is an incredible combination of athletes, the riders are great athletes and the horses are great athletes and you have got to have both firing on all cylinders to make it work? >> absolutely. men and women can be equal, the only olympic sport that that happens. it really makes it exciting and a greatsport. >> and the danger element of this. i have watched you both ride over the years, these jumps are anywhere from 4 1/2 feet to 5 1/2 feet. there is an enormous elent of danger. >> there's a risk in every sport and that's something we have grown wi. >> good luck and congratulations, you had a big win several weeks ago, so good luck i lexington. it's the world equestrian games this weekend in lexington, kentucky and they start sunday at noon right here on nbc. thank yoso much. we'rgoing to be back with much more on "today" on this tuesday morning, but first this is
8:38 am
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8:40 am
president obama's election an nisha norris set out to write a book about race in america. during her research and franke discussions with 50 diverse americans, she had a conversation witn her own family. so the book she had planned soon became her own memoir, it is called the grace of silence. michele norr, good morning to you. >> that title "the grace of silence" is so provocative. where did that come from? >> it's the silence in my home that i didn't even -- it was realizg that i was shaped in some way by that silence. my father i discovered quite by accident was shot as a young man, imagine that. imagine being raised by your parents, you're thinking you
8:41 am
know everythg about them and then they have walled something away. he had just gotten back from the navy, returned to a city where black men had sved in the military and were eager to exercise their rights as americans and they wanted to vote, and they faced a white wall of resistance. during that period, father was trying to go to an event. he never said anything about it. he moved north, he never even told my mother. he didt tell his kids, because he didn't want us to be angry. he wanted our paths to be uncluttered by his pain, he kept it to himself and that's the grace silence. he armed us with ambition instead of his anger. >> do you think you would be a different person had he told you? >> oh, yes the world would have been a different place. i went to alabama repeatedly as a child. birmingham would have been a very scary place if i had known my father was shot there.
8:42 am
i think, in fact i know, we talk to relativesho knew about this who were part of this conspicy of silence, that they were part of a generation that had ery reason to be dissatisfied with their lot and they chose not to be. and that is a very graceful act. and when we think about this difficult topic of race, it's laced with anger and pain. grace and race don't exi in the same conversation. >> mom didn't know about dad, but she had a secret too. >> becau she as an adult h ne around playing off the aunt jamima theme. >> my grant mother worked as an itinerant aunt jemima who dressed up in a scarf and did
8:43 am
demonstrations a around the country. she had won oratory contests when she was young, she was very well spoken, she had ambitions. and at that time, in 1950, if you wanted to pursu your dream, there weren't very many opportunities and this was an opportunity for her to step on a stage and she served as an ambassador in some ways, she tried to make sure tt when people saw her in small towns where they didn't see a lot of black people, that they saw someone who was well spoken, someone who was smart and she used that role to elevate herself in some way. >> in writing this book, was this to inspire -- race is a national issue, but it's probably something better handled athe dinner table. >> absolutely. we talk about the national conversation, as if we're all going to sit down on tuesday at 4:00 p.m. and talk about race. and that's never going to happen. and it shouldn't happen that way, the most productive
8:44 am
conversations happen in dormitories and workplaces and lunch rooms and at tables, at family tables, because what i realized is there's this period before the civil rights movement, a tumultuous movement. and people who went through it don't talk about it. harriet tubman passed the baton to martin luther king. >> how do your family members feel about the fact that you released these secrets out into the world? >> it's tough for us. >> it's difficult. eventually most people got in e boat and decided that it's a story worth telling because of the lessons that we hope people draw from it. we hope that people think about their even family legacies, all those things our parents don't tell us. just because they want us to soar. so we hope that people read the book and think about their own
8:45 am
family legacies. and sit down at a dinner table, always over food. do it at the dinner table, because that's when i always think. it's the core question in the book, how well do we reall know the people who raised us and how well will we ever know them if we don't take the opportunity to ask the questions. >> "the grace of silence." >> up nt a live performance by maroon 5.
8:46 am
right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number onechools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
8:47 am
the toyota concert series brought to you by toyota. >> maroon 5 have just added success to their international tour. the three-timerammy winners
8:48 am
have released a new album called "hands all over." guys, welcome back. nice to see you all. i was thinking the music industry is different than the publishing industry. when an author writes a book, they protect the contents incredibly until they release it. you have been playing music from the album all summer, but the album actually comes out today. >> we're very excited, it's going to be an amazing day. >> howo you describe this albucompared to the past? >> awesome. >> it's always awesome. >> it's really cool. you know, we worked harder than we ever have before so this is definitely an interesting feeling. >> you're adding dates in the introduction, i think you kick off the second leg of the tour in october. >> yes. >> and adding dates because you
8:49 am
have sold out every venue. >> yes. >> and for a band that's a few years old in the middle of a recession, that's a pretty good accomplishment. >> we're very excited just to have jobs. we're going to do the best we can and keep it up. >> what song are you going to play? >> it's called "misery." ♪ so scared of breaking it that you wont let it bend i wrote 200 letters i will never send ♪ ♪ sometimes these cuts are so much deeper than they seem you'd rather cover up i'd rather let them bleed ♪ ♪ so let me be and i'll set you free oh yeah i am in misery there ain't nobody who ♪
8:50 am
♪ can comforte oh yeah why wont you answer me the silence is slowly killing me oh yeah ♪ ♪ girl you really got me bad you really got me bad i'm gonna get you back i'm gonna get you back ♪ ♪ your salty skin and how it mixes in with mine the way it feels to be completely intertwined ♪ ♪ not that i dn't care it's that i didn't know it's not what i didn't feel it's what i didn't show ♪ ♪ so let me be and i'll set you free i am in misery there ain't no line at could ♪
8:51 am
♪ comfort me oh yeah why wont you answer me the silence is slowly killing me, oh yeah ♪ ♪ girl you really got me bad you really got me bad i'm gonna get you back i'm gonna get you back ♪ ♪ you say your faith is shakin' you may be mistaken keep me wide awake and waiting for the sun ♪ ♪ i'm desperate and confused so far away from you i'm getting there i don't care where ♪ ♪ i have to run why you do what you do to me yeah why won't you answer me ♪ ♪ answer me yeah why do you do what you do to me yeah why won't you answer ♪ ♪ me answer me yeah i am in misery there ain't no line that could comfort me oh yeah ♪
8:52 am
♪ why wont you answer me your silence is slowing killing me, oh yeah girl you really got me bad ♪ ♪ you really got me bad i'm gonna get you back i'm gonna get you back girl you really got me bad ♪ ♪ you really got me bad i'm gonna get you back i'm gonna get you back ♪ ♪ girl you really got me bad you really got me bad ♪ i'm gonna get you back i'm gonna get you back ♪ ♪ >> maroon 5, the new album, "hands all over"rops "toda s to
8:53 am
they say in the business. ♪
8:54 am
♪ [ male announcer ] it's a universal gesture... ♪ a way of telling the world "you did it!"... without saying a word. introducing the mercedes-benz sls...amg. [ engine revs ] ♪ the best or nothing... that is what drives us. >> back with the band. >> wow, awesome. >> we're going to stand up, looks like we're at the end of the show. >> tha you, good night! >> adam, you mentioned that the album comes out today. and you have been playing music.
8:55 am
is it nerve-racking, the day an album actually hits the stores? >> absolutely. i would love to be cool and say that it's not. but now that we have done this, we get a little nervous around you guys. you make us nervous. we respect you, that's all it is. >> wow! >> allight, guys, good luck. >> solutions to every day kitchen problems. after your local news. "today" ease wedding, the perfect couple. what will the bride's maids wear? vote for your favorite by 1:00 p.m. "today." your favorites spo 8:56 is our time right now. 60 deges here in the nation's
8:56 am
capital. beautiful day here around this 21st day of september. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. wre following some developing traffic for you this morningst let's get right to jerry. hey, joe. it's been a tough, tough commute. it hn't gotten much better in the last couple of hours. inner loop above i-66, that has been cleared for a couple of hours, but we're sll jammed, sprinield on the way up. new accident just reported with a couple lanes closed near 7100. fire rese crews pulling up to the sce. one more stop, not be outdone, 270 called a parking lot. germantown on down, lanes open. joe? >> we're going to take a break
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. a blue sky over the region, and the skies are finally warming up after a chilly start. highs today should climb ne 80, and then tomorrow, mostly sunny, feeling like summertime as well as on thursday and friday. jo >>hanks very much, joe. we'll have morenews, weather, and traffic. and traffic. join us every day at man: we need a sofa. somethg i can stretch out on! man: we nwoman: ooh... that will go with those lamps mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide ru yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the rathon begin!
9:00 am
esday morning, the 21st of september, 2010. warming up nicely. in the mid 70s today? >> i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamron hall. we're going to tal more about this acid hoax, a woman claims that someone else threw acid in her face when in fact she did it to herself. she allegedly took tens of thousands or dollars from her community who tried to help her. also ahead, you hear those ads on tv and radio, especially during this economy, companies promising to help get you out of
9:01 am
debt. you may be able to get yourself out of the financial hole it could end up saving you thousands of dollars in fees. and new rules for consumers because a lot of those consum consumers -- joy bauer is going to be here to talk about the best yogurts for your kids growing up. and whether food should be considered a free food. and first as we mentioned, ann has the morning off, we have got a check of the top stories. >> nine american service members were killed this morning when their helicopter went down in southeastern afghanistan. it was the deadliest chopper crash in more than four years for nato forces. u.s. officials declaims by the taliban that iurgents shot down that helicopter. commanders waited two hours before calling for outside hp
9:02 am
sunday. the fast moving brush fire by last night three homes had been destroyed. 5,000 people had to be evacuated and a fire only 25% contained. a woman in whington state who claimed that someone threw acid at her and then later admitted she did it herself is facin criminal charges. kristen welker has details. kristen, good morning. >>. >> reporter: bethany storro is charged with three counts of theft for allegedly taking money from the community who was trying to help her pay her medical bills. now the county prosecutor says she has to pay. bethany storro claimed she was the victim of a vicious acid attack, t prosecutors say storro was no victim. they say the community was duped and donated nearly $30,000 to help pay her medical bills. >> it was clear from the evidence that we had multiple felony crimes that were
9:03 am
committed and it smed like a straight forward decision that felonyharges should be filed. >> reporter: last month storro told police that a woman she didn't know approached her and rew acid in her face, burned and bandaged, she spoke out in an emotional news conference at the hospital. >> i didn't know what this person did to me. >> reporter: but last week, police say the 28-year-old vancouver washingtonoman admitted the traumaas self-inflected, the whole ordeal a hoax. doctors and police were skeptical of storro's story as ey investigated, her burn pattern was even as if the acid had been applied to her face rather than thrown as she claimed. there were no splash marks on her body or clothes and no physical evidencet the scene. according to the arrest warrant, storro confessed the burns were self-inflicted a came from drain cleaner she purchased at a hardware store.
9:04 am
the lingering question, why? storro tol police she first watched to kill herself, but when she realized that wasn't working she used the drain cleaner to changeer appearance. she said she thought maybe this is the answer to all my problems, just to have a different face. this is one of the manyeople who prosecutors say was a victim of storro's story, he raised and donated hundreds of dollars to help her. >> i didn't think anyone is reallymad, at what she did, just more sad, because why would somebody really do that to themselves? >> storro's parents are also baffled and heart broken. they have pledged to make things right. >> all money will returnedn the appropriate manner, that will be guaranteed. >> reporter: now storro reportedly spent about $1,500 of the donated money on dinners, train tickets and even purchases at target. her friends say she's checked herself into a local hospital
9:05 am
for treatment and is expected to face her charges when she's released. tamron? >> thank you, kristen. a california judge has issued a warrant for lindsay lohan after she admitted failing a drug test, she'll remain free at least until a hearing friday. and officials are trying to find out why a spectator stand collapsed a a car race sending people crashing to the ground and injuring 100 of them. it is now five past the hour, let's get another chk of the weather from al. >> tamron, tha
9:06 am
good morning. many locations this morning started out in the 40s, around now with the bright sunshine, we're bginning to warm up. there's tysons corner in the distance. right now 63 in waington, upper 50s throughout much of the rest of the region. near the bear water, high near 60. tomorrow, mostly sunny and warmer, near 90. again near 90 on thursday and friday. there's a small chance of a shower on thursday. over the weekend, cooler weather moves back in, and a small chance of a shower sunday and monday. >> this morning on joy's diet s.o.s., regisred dietitian and nutritionist joy bauer is
9:07 am
helpihelp ihelp -- we have an interesting question from zoe. she's joining us live via skype. what's your question? >> i was recently diagnosed with pcls. i'm a healthy 35-year-old and feel devastated with the possibility of getting heart disease, diabetes and complications in pregnancy with the help of medication, any nutritional help would be much appreciated in my new battle against this syndrome. >> zoe, we really feel for you with this situation. tell folks who don't know, what's pcls? >> it' formally known as polly cystic ovarian syndrom and it affects many, many women. the good news is that there are a lot of things you can do nutritionally toelp level out your insulin and your blood sugar levels. the first thing i'm going to tell you is to exercise every single day. we all know that exercis boosts
9:08 am
your immune system and hps to burn calories, but it also helps to normalize insulin and blood sugar. so even if you just walk 30 minutes every single day, you ll get huge benefits from that. when it comes to the food, you have to be strategic with carbohydrates and there are three carb rules. the first is you want to pick the high quality carbs versus the poor quality carbs and that's because white bread and white flower and crackers and bagels and soda with rapidly spike your blood sugar. the high quality carbs only, the second carb rule is to moderate all carbs. instead of having a huge pasta entree, you want toave a small sized portion. you can fill in the blanks with protein and vegetables.
9:09 am
a couple of those healthy carbs with protein. protein helps to bond the absorption of carbohydrates so you're going to have nice even keeled blood sugars and insulin. exercise, be strategic with your carbs and it's going to help tremendously. >> feel better. >> thank you. >> now let's go to marsha, she's the phone from chandler, arizon marsha, good morning, what's your question? >> good morning, al, good morning, joy. my question is, when you're trying to lose weight by counting calories, are fruits and vegetables free food or do you count those calories as well? >> good question. >> a free food? >> well, i consider nonsar chy vegetables because they only contain about 10 to 15 calories as long as you're not soaking them in butter, oil or other
9:10 am
high cal ingredients. but on the other hand, the starchy vegetables, pe, corn, potatoes, winter squash and fruit, they have more calories per cup, they're more calorie dense, and those things you do have to put towards your daily allotmt. you got to count them. >> but still, don't do juices if you're going to have the fruit, if you're going to have the fruit, have the actual fruit. >> fruit is calorically dense. >> this is coming from carmen in montgomery, alabama. joy, what should i look for in a healthy gurt to feed any 2-year-old. all the other varieties are filled with sugar and i don't want to give my toddler light varieties with t extra sugar. >> they need the extra fat and calories for growth and brain development.
9:11 am
once your kids hit two, you buy nonfat or low fat yogurt. it's a crazy confusi stor instead of trying to read every single label and differentiate between the natural occurring sugar and the nurally occurring stir. for six ounce containers you want no more than 20 grams of sugar, for a four ounce containers you want no more than 14 grams of sugar. and there are a lot of great varieties, sunnyvale farms has things that are great for toddlers and children. brown cow, oyoplait. bu you can buy a cream nonfat yogurt, you could add your own chopped fruit, and if you wanted a little bit sweeter than that, just one teaspoon of added sugar or honey or maple syrup. and ta-dah.
9:12 am
>> joy bauer. thanks so much. and we'll see you a little bit later on coming up. you've got the joy fit club. right now, how to get yourself out of debt and protect yourmoney. and we're going to check out the best beauty products hand picked by allure magazine. [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfo inn
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helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this iseally good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia. this morning on "today's" money, debt settlemen companies, their ads promise to reduce your debt, but many of them end up taking your money up front and leaving your worse off than you were before. now the ftc is cracking down, so
9:16 am
what do you need to know? bob sullivan, an nbc correspondent and author of "stop getting ripped off" and jean chats sky. the ftv, which is the federal trade commission, they are institut these new laws. can you tell us a little bit more about these laws? >> the laws that go into effect at the end of this month and into next month basically say they can't chae you up front fees and if they do charge you a fee, you have to know what it is, how long it's going to take you to go through therogram and what will be the impact on your financial life and your credit if you choose to do it. >> and this is i guess a big deal because some of these companies take advantage of people, as we said, you end up in a worse position than you were from the start, you end up worse off. >> that's absolutely right, 2/3 of these people who go through these programs never end up settling even one debt. >> you hav a number of reports
9:17 am
on these companies and what have you found as a repeated trend. >> what they do is they tell people to stop paying their bills which seemsike crazy advice and instead put the money into a separate account, and theoretically you're going to build up a big kitty, but the vast majority of the time these people are really on their last few dollars and they end up faking the last few dollars people have. a chicago teacher was $36,000 in debt. and a year later, after he paid all their fees, $5,000 in fee, and he's been sued by several of his debtors, he owed $60,000. the choices you make at this point when you're struggling like this, it's so important to make theight choice. >> speaking of choices, jean, there are three different ways to help you get out of debt, a debt settlement, secret counseling and bankruptcily. >> a credit counseling company will esstially charge you a small up front fee and then a monthly fee and put you into what's called a debt management program where they have
9:18 am
prenegotiated lower interest rates with your creditors of about 6%, if you've got any late fees or overlimit fees waved, it's a lot of work, credit counseling and debt management. debt settlement, up front fees, typically, and then they ask you stop paying your bills and bankruptcy, everybody sort of understands what that is, but it's not the easy fix that it used to be, you still will have to repay theoney in some form. bob, you're concerned with these new laws from the ftchat some of these debt setement places will already have invested in. >> we have seen a lot of companies that are going to leave the business becau they can't charge those big up front fees anymore. so the question is if you're in the middle of one of these programs right now? who has control of your money. some states he rules. in illinois they require company to put it in an escrow account. so there's a way for you to get
9:19 am
these -- these companies are on the run right now. >> let's talk about some things that people can do on their own and not have to worry about these companies, first tackle one debt at a time. >> you can settle your debts yourself. you don't need -- you don't need to have a company to do ts for you. and you will end up doing it in much the same way that these companies do, you tackle one at a time because they want a sum of money to settle that particular debt in a particular day. so you make the phone call, you tackle one at a time and you make them an offer. >> start with the bills you're already late on? >> because tho bills have ready gone delinquent so those creditors are more likely to negotiate with you. >> and make an offer? negotiating, everything is about negotiating. >> what an said is the most important thing, you can do so much of this yourself. take charge of your finances, don't listen to those late-night ads, don't will to offers that are too good to be true. make an offer and see what happens. >> know the down side, you' already in debt, but that is the
9:20 am
down side. >> if you are allowed to get out of a particular debt, you could be taxed on that money as income. very important to understand that that could be coming at you from the back end. >> important. this is an important issue and timely with so many people facing financial hardships, millions of americans out of a job, which is something that a lot of folks need to hear. thank you very much jean and bob. coming up, from dull pots and pans to the odor coming from the inside of your dishwasher. solutions to the most common kitchen problems. first these messages. s, and our family has owned five camrys. i drove the '92 camry. i driva 2007 camry. i was expecting the 2005 camry, and my sister got it. i was driving the '94 toyota camry, and my dad surprised me with a 2005 toyota camry. [ julie sighs ] i drove all of them, but i drive the 2009. [ interviewer ] why camry? reliability. yeah. affordability.
9:21 am
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9:26 am
9:26 is your time now. 63 degrees. a chilly start to your morning, but a nice day ahead. tom will have your forecast after the news. good morning. we're following developing traffic. good morning, jerry. hey, there, eun. finally a little relief in sight. the inner loop, the delays begin after the i-95/springfield interchange on up toward 66. zoenlt much earlier in the day has beencleared for a couple of hours, but unfortunately the delays are still with us. one more stop, the inner state alo 270, below speed limit. germantown on down, no incidents to report. still crawling on the maryland beltway. we suggle to recover from a very tough rush hour. eun? >> busy morning, jerry. thank you. we'll get an up
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. sunshine and a blue sky, and now we are finally warming up after we started out in the 40s earlier this morning. now it's near 670 degrees. and we'll continue to climb through the 60s, into the s by noontime. and then near 80 by mid afternoon and lots of sun. tomorrow, mostly sunny, feeling a lot like summer in the near 80ss. there's a chance for a passing shower on thursday. over the weeke we should dry out. small chance for showers on sunday and monday. eun? >> thank you. we'll have more news, weather, and traffic in just 25 minutes [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
9:29 am
meet pnvirtual wallet. it comes with a wish list, that helps you set aside money for the stuff that really matters... just put the things you want on your wish list... and contribute mony when you feel like it... then, watch as yoget closer to getting what you want. wish list is built to make saving a whole lot more fun. experience all the ways virtual wallet c help you save at pnc. for the achiever in us all.
9:30 am
. all right, take a look. what do you think? let's show you our lovely "today" wedding couple. melissa and jeremy. here they are. last week jeremy came home from serving in afghanistan just in time for, guess what? to pick the location of the reception, the weddingress and the tux. >> appareny it's very close, so every vote count that is point. you have until 1:00 p.m. eastern time to get your vote in. "today" we're voting on the bridesmaid dresses. from shredding the guitar. >> i guess that's like playing? >> shredding the guitar, on a t-shirt. >> take a look at joe right now.
9:31 am
>> she's shredding a guitar. i love it. we have also got a candy dispenser that delivers your treats with a wave of your hand. here's the latest collectn of fun finds. >> jill always brings the best stuff. and then "allure" magazine is out with its best of beauty issue. i live for this issue. it's sampled more than 200 products from cleansers to eye creams and psticks. they have tested it all. we're going to show you se of the best of the best and several categories we're covering. >> cool. all right. and of course our favorite fix it guy is here, he's got solutions to every day kchen problems. everything from bringing back old cutting boards to getting the smell out of sponges or you can throw them out. and making your pots and pans shine. lou is going to show us some easy and inexpensive fixes. what are you doing there, lou? what was that. >> you'll have to watch. >> okay.
9:32 am
>> he's got a toothpick and he's not afraid to use it. >> he's going to put it in his mouth. oh, that's wrong. >> but first a check of the weather. good morning. a sunny morning now, finally warming up after that chilly start. there's t blue sky overlooking arliton in the distance, and northwest washington in the foreground. temperatures around the region now climbing into the upper 50s and low 60s throughout most of the area. now 63 in washington. afternoon highs near 80.
9:33 am
lots of sun, near 90 tomorrow, mostly sunny. upper # 80s, clouds on thursday might produce a passing shower. remaining hot on friday. >> you know, we were about to do a tease with jill marti about some of the unusual products. ow us what you're doing there. >> bottle opener and remote. and now i'm soaked. >> up ne, jill's got some of the most unusual products on the market. and we need a sponge from lou's segment. yeah! over a restaurant er 2nd we took just for a day. then we made lunch for the neighbors. thousands of turkey burgers on us. to show people there's a burg that's as lean as it is delicious.
9:34 am
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9:36 am
stay ice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at if you're looking for a dream remote control for your couch potato. jill martin's found some gadgets. >> good morning. >> good morning, okay, let'set started. i love this shirt. >>
9:37 am
$29. let's go to jerry because he's already moing it. jerry has the shirt on and it is a guitar, built into the t-shirt. >> he's really getting into it. it comes with a little speaker system and the pick and you can get going. he's very into this. >> the ungrateful dead. >> and i heard there's a drum kit version too? >> great for your kids and clrly for adults too. >> absolutely. >> this ispace cadets, 27 zlrz. these are all the hottest shoes for kids. and all the different animals and look at the little cowboy boots down here. aren't those cute? and all the recent socks so a great gift. >> you want to get your favorite treats out, but you don't want to spend a lot of time doing it. >> not only a lot of time, but you don't want a lot or a mium or a little. it gives you different amounts. it can give you a little amount or you can put it to a lot.
9:38 am
so it will give you different amounts of jelly beans of m&m's. i thought we could get through on but i knew. okay, this is great, let's say u year entertaining and you don't want to put an ice bucket out. this is chilled, you put it in the freezer for six hours, will it cool the wine, so when you're pouring the glass, it comes at the right temperature, this is great, it doesn't really intrude on your center fees of your dinner. >> we have video of you looking foolish. >> we always love that. this is a remote, a universal remote with a built in bottle opener. >> this is greet for this, as you said, resident couch potato. and this is general's 24.50.
9:39 am
how cool is that? i know, you're not getting old, you just can't hear. okay, okay, okay. will this work? you vote in all your music and you're going by screen or you're running, the music will be built into that. >> what do we have here? >> if we could dim the lights for a moment, i have your big bird movie actually on. this projects, this is from book one and you just take your ipod and it will project the movie either on to a ceiling or a wall so if you're camping or you just have a wall at night and you justant to watch, how great is this? >> that's pretty neat. >> and now the next big thing. this is the playstation room for playstation 3.
9:40 am
p it's the first game that really allows you, you see the motion detector? and these are althe newest games. so ts is playstation, so you see us there. and the camera is right there. so those are a my new fun times. >> it looks like i have already playeded the game. >> i hate to tell you, that's why i picked that game. just so you could practice. >> all right, joe martin, thank you. up next, "allure" magazine picked this year's best right after these messages. jennifer hudson here. before weight watchers, my world was can't. can't eat this. can't do that. can't lose weight. but on weight watchers, i can.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
this morning on "today's" beauty, the experts at "allure" magazine spent months sifting through thousands of products testing eve cream, cleanser and color they could find and now the results are in. here is editor-in-chithe editor. tell us a little bit about the process of how you narrow it down. >> there were 14,000 new beauty and grooming products introduced last year. so we test for six months, we test on everybody, different ages, different hair types, skin types, skin colors, then we come down to the list, we talk to cosmetic cmists and determine toll lists. >> bottom line you take it pretty seriously. first up we're looking at hair
9:45 am
and you found some that were innovative, break through award winners. what do you have? >> pan tent spent years and -- they he found out that each hair as different characteristics and different problems. so this is pan teen prov solutions. this one happens to be for medium and thick hair, whi tends to take too much moisture from the environment, gets frizzy and breaks. this has ingreed negligents that seal the cuticle and adds moisture. >> you have another winner in the hair die form that? this is froml'oreal. you have to go to the son to get this done. usually hair die uses ammonia, which damages your hair, stas and can be awful. this penetrates deeply into the hair cuticle. ask if thehave it. it stays fresher longer, it doesn't stain so bad and it stays longer.
9:46 am
>> and finding the red lipstick that looks best on you, it's pretty tough. >> the problem is it can be too orange or too blue or it can make your skin look dull. it looks good on every different kind of skin color and lip color. >> and you have our lip gloz winner here. >> lip glosses are great, but they tend to have too little pigments so they disappear immediately. it's a plum color which is great for fall and it really is rich in pigment. >> what's intill is really rich looking lips. >> but the nice thing is to get the gloss too that goes ang with it. >> masca c run you about $30 these days. >> it can be very expensive. this one is not expensive. it's calle volume express. >> and it's $7. >> it has a curved brush so it hits every single lash and it
9:47 am
also has fibers in it tt adhere to your lash and makes them fatter, and in this case, fatter is better, so this is a wonderful mascara. >> and this is eye liner? >> this is a covergirl liquid line blast, it's a pencil, so it goes on easily, it smudges, so it has the benefits of a liquid liner, it's a wonderful product. >> it's waterproof as well? >> waterproof. >> nice. on to skin and what do you have here? >> this is a cleanser, it's from ascreen know positively raid yens, it removesour makeup. so you dry your face and you've got mascara all over your towel. >> and then sunscreen? >> usually sunscreens are very thick and gummy. this is sp f-60 which is reall high. but it's liquidy, it used to be only available in the u.s. it looks great under makeupnd
9:48 am
it's guaranteeded anti-aging. >>nd cheap thrills. >> we did products all under $9. this is sally hansen, it's for everything, your lips your feet, your hair. >> and aquaphor. >> thank you very much for and for a list of allf these 232 best of beauty winners, check out the october issue of "allure" magazine. >> common problems inside your kihen, but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
this morning on "today's" home kitchen, let's fac it the most used room in the house, and every day wear and tear can take their toll on your tools and your appliances
9:51 am
we have the host of the syndicated show house ars. you know, relatively easy fixes. >> correct. >> starting with cutting boards. and, again, we have seen a lot of like these new materials. >> sure. >> but they cost money. and a woodutting board looks great. a lot of people don't know this. do not soak this in a sink, because it's glued wood and what happens is it starts to celebrate. it can get aittle old and tired, to really preserve it, all you need is mineral oil. mineral oil you're saying use on your counter tops at your house. this is a terrific moisturizer for the wood itself. take a paper towel, the color mes back, not unlike a moisturizer you would use on your skin and helps it preserve the wood and makes it last longer. >> when you get the cuts, you've got the grooves. >> you'll get some of that away and it will brighten it back up. you don't have to invest in as
9:52 am
many cutting boards and they'll last longer and save you money. >> getting your pots clean? >> we want it nice and clean on the backside. i was a bartender years ago. >> really? >> it's hard to believe, and i found this product, bar keeper's friend which is still out there. this, we spent a little bit of time with a scotch bright pad. and you will see that all of this ces off with a little elbow grease and for cooking, you like to cook as well, you have this funk on your pans, you dot get even heating, it works better if it's clean. sponges. go ahead and say it. >> why don't you justhrow them away. >> you canhrow them away, but these start to smell. this is a louf fa sponge. somebody would say, yeah, we could throw it away, but this one look like a caret. those are loufa. they're really good at
9:53 am
scrubbing, you can hang them in the sink so they don't smell and when you're done with them, you can throw them in your compost and put it back in your garden, because they're loufa. the soaps that we're using are changing formulas because they have to reallyeduce their phosphate. the big complaint from people saying they don't clean as well as they used to. we need to clean the dishwasher as well. one pla where odor comes from is beneath this gas get. if you use a bleach cleaner or something ke this that will go in there and hol on for about 20 minutes, then take a sponge and club all that away and rinse it, that will help protect the odor. inside, you want to run a disinfect tachbt, a cleaner through the hottest setting you have in the dishwasher, if we could op up the ports in the dishwasher, it will work more fishtly. and with the new formulation of the soaps, you'll get clean
9:54 am
dishes and no odor. >> what about hinges and stuff. >> down here low is where all this bacteria is. you see i can get my fingers back behind there? the's a gas get back there and there's funk back there. actually there's a lot of funk back there. >> we got to get that. >> that's the funk. >> you want to shake hands with tamron? >> okay, can you look inside here? this is my home made fruit fly thing. you can do this very inexpensively, this is apple cider and this is sir ran wrap, and you can get fruit flies, nobody wants to see this in their home. this is a fruit fly trap that you y. pour this in. they go in there and you go everybody in the pool. and they don't come out. >> still to come, members of joy's fit cl.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:56is your time on this tuesday, september 21, 2010. good morning. i'm eun ang.
9:57 am
the green party precedent has died after getting hit by a car while riding her bike. her daughter did not survive her accident. she was riding her bike near campus way on largo when she was hit. the driver said she did not know she ha hit anyone until she got hom and found the bike stuck under her car. no word if the driver will face any charges. a chilly morning, but things are heating up. good morning to you, tom. >> climbing into the 60s. a little cool for late september. later today, will warm to the comfort zone to near 80. tonight it will be mostly clear, near 60 by dawn. feeling like summertime. highs near 90 each day. a small chance of a shower on thursday. here's the extended outlook into the weekend. saturday should be mostly sunny, near 80. and then a chance of a psing shor on sunday and monday. partly cloudy, high 70. jerry, how's the traffic? >> it looksike we're improving
9:58 am
ever so slightly. that is a significant improvement from just an hour ago. lanes are open. one more stop. we'll held on over and see how we're doing. the trip, south of town, the wilson bridge, a little construction. e'll keep you updated. eun j. >> thanks so much, jerry. you can get your news every morning at this flu season, what would youick for your flu vaccine? a shot in the arm? or a spray in the nose? i pick my nose. i pick my nose i pick my nose gracefully.
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10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today"ith kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from stio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and we are rocking it here on the rockefeller plaza. >> tt's what we do. >> it is booze day, the 21st of september. we're temporarily moving wines day, sounds like i'm -- >> alreay. >> to booze day. there is a reason for that. what is it, hoda? >> we're going to do a little wine tasting. we have our favorite leslie sabraco on. she will set us straight. >> we're getting a head star hope you are too. >> yesterday, we got a lot of feedback on you're not your number show, a show where kathie lee and i wore our ages on one side and later revealed our
10:01 am
weight, which, now, it is not fun when people come up to you and say, hey, 146 ain't bad. nobody wants to hear that. >> nobody said a word to me. i don't know why. >> are you 46 years old? >> if you weigh 129, that's -- >> that's a pound morevery year since you got married and more than you weighed with your first child at 9 months, that's a lot of weight that i've gained. >> people are like 140, really? you're supposed to go, hey, that's all right, that'sgood. >> this lady said, i want you to know, iove you and hoda in the morning, love it, love it, love the relationship you have, never did like you with regis. but really like you -- that didn't work. > stop. >> i looked at her and i said it did work pretty darn well for about 15 years but thanks for sharing. people will say anything. >> people will say. and our talked to us yesterday on facebook and what did they say? >> nancy wrote in from hawaii. she felt liberated. i hope that you ladies and many others feel the same for so long
10:02 am
we have been pigeon holed in the barbie doll trap, she says, and she says now it is time to break free of the nonsense. >> today we have broken fre from it. good for her. >> and wendy wrote in, said i turned 37 today, i've never been happier in my life. i embrace my age. thank you, kathie l and ho for helping me stay young. >> that's delightful. what are you, crazy? >> i think some people would say -- most people said reveal age and not weigt. that was the most consistent thing. i don't -- sometimes i don't read through -- sometimes i want to know and sometimes i don't. if you readhrough and you're like, oh -- >> text free and happy. >> "dancing with the stars," had, by theway, the ratings came out a couple of minutes before we came on the air it was 15.1, and that translates to 37% bigger audience than last time. >> wow. >> it was huge out of the gate. >> it is showing growth as opposed to, like, "american idol" that is slipping a little bit. >> this one is building, buildg, building. >> bristol palin danced to "mama
10:03 am
told me not to." ♪ mama told me mama told me not to come ♪ mama told me she said, that ain't the way ♪ >> shaking it up a little bit. it gets very -- >> hello, excuse me. >> she learned that in high school? that's where i learned it, baby. >> people wanted to see if sarah palin would come and she didn't. she tweeted a picture from alaska, had a little -- >>she supported her daughter. there she is and her family going, yea, you go girl. >> she was better than a lot of people thought, right? >> i thought she would be more stiff and rigid just because i saw the practice things, didn't look like she was comfortable but she scored 18. >> out of -- >> out of 30. >> good for her. probably everyone thinks she has the most pressure on her because -- >> i think so. obably the youngest, right? >> i think so.
10:04 am
>> so jennifer grey from "dirty dancing". >> she's got some experience, yeah. >> yeah. let's see some of this. ♪ lonely nd feeling blue ♪ ♪ and if you >> she looks so graceful, doesn't she? that's beautiful. >> that's gorgeous. >> isn't that an unfair advantage, she is like a trained dancer since. it is so obvious the onewho know what they're doing. >> is she 50? since we're revealing everyone's age? i mean, she looks awesome. >> she looks great. she cide during rehearsal because it reminded he so much of -- i guess that was a song that was in "dirty dancing" with patrick swayze. >> how did the situation do? >> i wasn't a fan of his dance, but maybe people like it. let's watch a little. ♪ listen to me baby
10:05 am
before i up and leave you ♪ ♪ they call me hot, baby >> alright. a lot of jumping and fist pumping. >> like a wedding at the jersey shore. >> it is not bad. >> he was in the bottombracket was -- it was him. it was margaret cho, she was in the bottom. and david hasselhoff. they each were in the last place group. >> okay. but how did florence henderson do? >> oh, my god, florence henderson, by the way, 76 years old, you have to see what she did. she decided to show the situation a thing or two and -- >> oh, my goodness. ♪ kiss me thrill me ♪ >> oh. >> hello. ♪ honey, hey >> okay. i'm sorry, go, girl. she's 76 years old. i have to say, i mean, look, i
10:06 am
don't know a lot of people that would flash their abs at all. >> i wasn't looking at her abs. i s seeing, gee, her breasts have morphed too into melons in the years since "brady bunch." something takes over. >> what's your issue with that? >> that they aren what they used to be and they -- there's no amount of cream in the world that can lift them. you know? you can't -- it's just -- it's sad. it is extremelysad. >> you've gained weight up here. >> yes. >> okay. i'm just -- i'm just trying to clarify. >> that's not the only placbut definitely up there. leslie, am i wrong? thank you. thank you. can i hear please from the ladies on other faceokho are postmenopaal now andheir breasts are out of control. that's all i want to know. okay, thank you. >> let's talk about, this is a discussion topic, it was in the paper a hillary clinton -- >> yes, our secretaryof state. >> secretary of state, secretary hillary clinton, had a jaw clip, a hair clip in the back of her hair. >> at the united nations. >> we have a picture. >> yes.
10:07 am
>> there's one there. but, here, let's take a look at -- this is this. >> okay. >> hair clip. ay. another fine how do you do from hil. she's getting criticized in the papers because that's what people do in the papers because of wearing that clip in her hair. >> she'an extremely busy woman, she's about, you know, her business is about saving the planet from imploding or blowing up. it is a little, hair is not firston her list. >> however. >> however. >> some say if you know you're going to be at the united nations, have someone come to your hotel room, do your hair, so people aren't looking at that, taking attention away from what you're talking about as opposed to how ur hair looks. >> the clip thing didn't bother me that much. i looked at it and thought -- >> compared to your hair issues, it is not much. >> what just happened? i meant that i could see myself in a situation really quickly grabbing a clip and thinking does it look good up and just doing it and then -- >> if you knew you were going to the united nations, the world stage? >> you get criticized if you're
10:08 am
getting your hair blown out because why does she need all that, it is too much maintenance and she has someone -- >> i pray for the woman because she has got the one of the hardest jobs on the planet. >> she does. jay leno was poking fun at meredi. meredith did an interview with jon hamm, he's so sexy. watch this. >> meredith vieira, you know, she's very cute on the "today" show. watch meredith vieira, she had jon hamm on and maybe it's me, but i think she was smitten with him. did you see her? she looked like -- she looked like she was flirting with him. here, you, again, you be the judge. watch it. >> a kid from st. louis originally and now this has catapulted you to super stardom. i mean, do u look back and say i can't believe -- >> that looked like, i don't know. >> genius. >> that was very, very funny. >> i loved it. >> look at our cute intern hanging out with us today.
10:09 am
>> i preme. >> he's got a nice prop he's wearing. you may not know what it isy looking at him. but it is an inflatable tie. and devin is wearing this inflatable tie because, show us, he blows itup, okay. >> they say you were wearing that and you're tired andou're on a plane and you are exhausted, and you don't trust those ugly little pilows. >> show us. you just -- >> he has a flower pot in front of him. want a little wine? is it cozy? >> not the kozziest, but better than nothing. >> it is like very small. no offense. is that what you call a pillow? >> well, you know. >> thank you, devin. thank you. >> you really want to be in show business. >> yeah, you know. >> thank you, sweetheart. hi, sara, how are you? >> kathie, you asked the question, we got responses. janie says -- repeat the question. >> if after menopause if maybe you deal with some issues
10:10 am
upstairs. janie wrote, used to be 36b and now i'm a 36 long. julianne said, can we say i never thought we would be able to use the hackie sack toy. but one said let up on the boob thing. >> actor jason swartzman is bored to death. he's ov there, proving it. he'still got the stash, hoda. >> he kept it. >> we'll talk with him and he said he's fighting me on some level. ♪ e bag is all you need. get glad forceflex, the bag that stretches to prevent rips and tears. ♪ she washes the trash before it goes into the trash. ♪ don't give trash the special treatment. get glad forceflex, the bag at stretches to prevent rips and tears. get glad forceflex, activia is better than ever! hey,ou guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt
10:11 am
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10:13 am
help your kids get more of what they need, jason schwartzman is known for playing quirky characters likemax fisher in "rushmore" and that awkward bachelor jeremy in "shop girl". >>and his role in "bored to death" is no exception. he plays a wine swilling, brooklyn-based writer named jonathan who moonlights as a detective.
10:14 am
>> now that you're wine swilling and here on booze day, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> last time you were here promoting the film you had just done. >> it did well. >> it did well, yes. >> and you have the mustache, which we're noticing. >> do you like it? >> we're not sure. >> okay, bring it on. >> i usually -- this is a personal thing, think that hair on the fac is usually best reserved for people that are trying to hide something on their face. you have a fabulous face. >> oh. >> and it tends to make you look a little, i don't know, a little pornish. just a little. >> okay, okay. >> just a little. >> i want to ask you a question, now i appreciate -- i'm going to shave this off immediately. >> i think you're very handsome. >> wow. i think you're very beautiful and you're very beautiful and it's a pleasure to be in company with -- >> so many betiful people, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> but did you ever have a thing for people with mustaches? >> if i didn't do something -- no, no, no. show me another woman -- we all fight that. >> did you ever date a man, have
10:15 am
you ever kissed a man with a mustache? >> you know who i swoon? tom selleck. he was full on magnum, if you know what i'm saying. >> you kissed him on the mouth. it was scandalous. >> i loved it. >> you've kissed the icon of mustaches. >> right. i know. obviously i have issues. >> you're projecting a lot on to me right now. >> i know. >> but i like you, i like the way you're looking at me, i like e way you're smiling and i want to shave it. if you want me to shave it, i'll do whatever you want me to do. >> your wife is almost nine months prgnant. she's eight months pregnant. >> yes. >> let keep things as they are for her sake. >> she loves it. too late to change t you're right. >> there you are without it, though. see, look at that gorgeous face. >> i think we have after the baby, baby, we should say, shave it. >> you don't want to kiss the baby with that. >> yeah, right, rig, right. that's true. >> we should talk about his hbo special because we only have a minute left. it is you, ted danson and zach
10:16 am
gilfanopis. >> i play a young private detective. i'm a writer, trying to get over a terrible breakup he had with his girlfriend, puts up an ad on craigslist advertising himself as an unlicensed but reasonably priced detective, i have a white wine addiction. a warm pinot, but i will -- so anywa and so -- but my character puts an ad on crai craigslist because he wants to be a man of actio i think some of us think we're not heroic enough, adventurous enough, and my character is reading all these books and he wants to be, like, a tough man, a private detective, a private so he puts himself up and i end up helping people and it is so funny, but it is positiv it is a very positive show, which i like, it is not ironic, like i'm not a bumbling private
10:17 am
detective. i am earnest. >> we adore you. >> i adore you. >> you're wearing a page jacket, in case people are wonder, just because, just because that's what you do. >> i like, you know, they asked me to come on the show it is convenient for me. i'm right outside in the hallway showing people around,y kno you, a couple of days a week, it is a joy, not a hassle. i love you guys. you know who else i love? >> who? >> bring it in closer. america, i lo you, and i love the women of it. and i know we have a relationship. i know you've been following me for a while. i've been following most of you. sunday night, 10:00 p.m., ets, i'm here to love you, subscribe to hboif you haven't and watch me get in trouble. you know i wear a full-on leather body suit in the first episode. >> i'm going to watch. i don't know about you. >> i've got to know.
10:18 am
>> we adore you. all the best. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. up next -- >> can't beat a warm pinot. you know, fresh green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. [ green giant ] ho ho ho readto try something new?
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10:21 am
$10,000 to donate to their favorite charity. >> isn't that fantastic. lucy dancinger with the four winners, j.j. ramberg, host of "your business," kitchen on street founder lisa scarpanato and haley kilpatrick. >> look at the beautiful couch full of women. >> th were chosen for their looks, not good deed. >> this is the third year and it is generate by readers who reach out d tell you about people who you may not have heard about, right? >> thank you for hosting. hoda is being very modest, she is hosting today. the thing about "self" is 90% of our readers give back. we know women love to have meaning in their lives. so these women saw a problem and decidedo solve it. that's great, because it says the power of one woman to make a difference really works. so l'oreal paris gave $10,000 to each of them to continue and grow their great works. we really cheer them on. >> minkia, your stand-up for
10:22 am
cancer, that cause is near and dear to your heart. >> absolutely, yeah. i lost my mom a couple of years ago to cancer. and so i just felt like i wanted to fight back in her honor and i felt like stand up to cancer was the best organization because i really love how all their efforts go into research and a lot of their, you know, funding goes towards these dream teams of scientists and docrs who are really trying to find a cure for the disease. and hopefully one day that happens. i thnk they're optimistic about that. >> you know, j.j., from our air, she's on a lot. we hear a lot about e surearch engines and y decided to take the search engine a step further. >> we wanted to figure out a way that people could do good in their everyday life, even if they didn't have extra time or money. so we created good search with yahoo!. y get yahoo! results, but a penney y goes to your favorite charity.
10:23 am
>> it is an easy thing because everyone is on those sites. >> we workith 92,000 nonprofits, we do shopping, so if you shop at amazon or any of the other 1500 stores, a percente goes to your charity. >> lisa, you starteditchen on the street. is that for hungry people, obviously? >> it is. thousands of children go hungry on weekends, have no other food source and so my husband and i felt like we could do something to changthat. so we created a bag of hope. it has individually portied meals for them and fun things like fruit snacks and pudding and all kinds of good stuff to get nutrition into them and they pick it up on friday at school, take it home and eat it and bring it back for a refill on moay. >> is that just -- is that a local or a national organization? >> we would love to be national. but right now we're local in arizona. >> that's a great idea. all the best with that. >> haley, you're stepping in where a lot of parents wish someone would, when kids get bullied in school, they don't know where to turn, it can be emotional, physical, you're scared. i like that there is a place you created for young girls to go. >> thank you.
10:24 am
girl talk is a peer to peer meantering program ere high school girls mentor middle school girls and thanks to "self-" 're in 40 states reaching 32,000 girls. our program is free to anyone who wan to start a chapter in their community. and we're just -- we're incredibly thankful. we have a goal to be in all 50 states by 2010. ten additional states and all that information is on our website >> about three months lft to do it. >> what did you think when you got the call from "self" that you were picked for this deal? >> absolutely shocked. >> i was so excited. we all sort of toil away doing what we do and just to get some recognition from the outside world, it means so much to help get the word out. >> iant to say, it was really hard to make the choice. there were so many women doing so much good work in america, it was really, really tough to make the decision but you guys showed andeally congratulate you. >> you're going to do it again next year. >> so tonight, what are you going to wear? >> someing gorgeous. >> you're all beautiful. still to come, all the entertainment news that will
10:25 am
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10:26 am
talking and texting. it's a bad habit with deadly consequences. a new initiative announced is morning that's aiming to end it. good morning. i'm eun yang. also, new on midday, it's the last day of summer, but how lg will the warm temperatures last. plus, twitter troubles. those stories and more
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ light it up like's it's dynamite ♪ answering all the curious questions you have abo all the celebrities that no matter what we do that keep making headlines. >> here with the scoop is one of our favorites robert shuda. "dancing with the stars," big night, you went crazy. >> i love this show. absolutely love it. i look forward to it all year it's back on. last night the big gossip was sarah palin was meant to show up and she didn't. all day long they were expecting her, extra metal detectors, it was really thought she was going to be there. what i was told in the 11th hour, sarah decided this was not her night, it was her daughter's and if she had sat in the audience, no star could compete with sarah palin apparently at this dancing show. o she didn't go. they did tweet a picture. sources tell me she will be there next week. >> nice. there is a name, we know most of the names of the dancers i
10:31 am
"dancing with the stars." there was one i didn't know. kyle msey. >> isn't this something? >> on a disney show. >> i've been a reporter for so many years n and i never heard of him. i don't think any of us h until last night. this little kid took the dance floor by storm. i believe he's 16 years old. i spoke to a casting agent this orning who told me everybody is googling this little devil. look at him. but the peonality, the moves, look at him. look at him. he stole the show and we have never heard of him. >> good for him! you know that florence nightingale. >> she flashed her bra. florence is in it to win it. she's not messing about. this is an old pro. she's been in show busine a long time. she's not joking. if you expect that crazy cloris leachman from her, forget it. this lady is ging to dance. she's the first at rehearsals every day. she's the last to leave. >> look at the legs. >> she had a six pack.
10:32 am
she flashed us, we saw -- so she's in it to win it. >> who is going to be booted off? >> it is interesting. had you asked me a couple of days ago, i mig have said margaret cho or maybe david hasselhoff. however, the situation could be in trouble. last week he was on the cover of "us weekly,"a terrible selling issue, one of the worst sellers of the year. >> really? >> i don't know. i think people like watching it for free on tv, but i'm not sure they're motivated enough to go to the newsstand and by a magazine or vote. >> what are they going to find out about him in a magazine article that they don't already know about him. >> ectly. so expect his abs to go out very soon. fortunately. >> you were by last night. you went to the premiere of "wall street". >> everybody was there to see the great legendary michael douglas. >> everybody really has great fondness for him. >> the love for this gentleman, he's one of those old school hollywood gentlemen that we love. there was rumors about whether
10:33 am
or not he would attend. he has been sick. he did attend. >> chemotherapy. >> stage four cancer, everyone's got their fingers crossed. he didn't turn up to a morning event to promo the movie, so the red carpet we all had r fingers crossed, he was there. >> he can't speak very well. he wouldn't be speaking to the press or on tv shows. >> didn't do any interviews. he walked in with catherine, wt down the carpet very quickly, he looked like he had lost a little weight, he didn't stay for the movie. they got him out t back. he left probably within ten, 15 minutes. >> his job now is to get better. >> absolutely. >> did you see the movie? >> i didn't. on michael left, a lot of the press left too. i'm the sort of guy that likes to go with sweat pants and popcorn -- >> we loved it. it is five stars. >> everybody says its brilliant. >> last weekend i saw the movie "the town" with ben affleck. i knew it would be a winner becausi was at a 3:30 show and there was n one single seat. not one. >> it is really ben's comeback. for eight years ben sort of disappeared after. lo, we
10:34 am
never really saw him. his movies didn't doery well. ben's ba. >> this movie is about his private life instead of his work. this is his work, i guess becoming a very fine director. >> a director a an actor. it is interesting what you say about their private lives, it became about ben and we stopped believing in the character he played. he took eight yearsfor him to win us back, but he has, he's back on top, the movie is terrific. >> he's great in it. he's sexy in this movie. >> hoda was like -- >> yeah. back to j. lo for a second. what's the story? >> tomorrow. >> i'm exhausted. >> it is jennifer lopez. tomorrow they're going to announce j. lo, she i a judge and steven tyler, they'll announce them at the l.a. auditions that unfortunately jennifer's first husband has said that he plans to turn up to audition. >> somebody suggested he do that and it is going to be very good for his career. i have a feeling that there are producers fingerprints all over that. >> you think? >> ihink so.
10:35 am
call me cynical. >> and lindsay lohan, going back to the slammer? >> it is terrible. she's back in l.a. she's going to see the judge on friday. it is very sad. this girl's going to probab go back to prison. >> they let her out of rehab too soon. we all said that. prison is one thing. if you're going straight into rehab, stay there until you don't want the stuffanymore. >> right. it is sad. >> paris hilton, scott free. probation. >> slipped through the net once again. this girl is houdini. >> it ain't over yet, rob. >> thank you, rob. >> thank you. up xt, how to stop your emotional feeding with "the joy fit club" after this. hey, it's amy. welcome to the blog
10:36 am
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10:39 am
because when you're a flintstones kid, anything's possible. time for "look at me now the joy fit club." we're ready to meet our newest member. >> she's a 29-year-old marketing manager, ali salem. let's listen to her story. >> hi, my name is ali. i am 29 years old, and threw throughout myife my life hweighs gotten in the way of me being the best i can be. i don't know if anyone that is overwght realizes the powerlessness that affects every single thing you do. when interviewing for my first job, i had to leave hours before theirst meeting because i needed time to cool down and stop sweating. walking up the stairs left me out of breath and i couldn't even cross my legs while sitting down. on saturday nights i would
10:40 am
refuse to lave the apartment because i didn't like the way i looked. in december of 2008, i finally snapped out of it and said to myself, this is enough, you deserve to lead a healthy lifestyle. i joined weight watchers as my food plan. i had to find ways to work in the foods that i loved without allowing myself to go over board. and weight watchers let me do that. i also found spinning as a form of exercise that made it fun to work out. my support system was amazing. from my family to my boyfriend and even my co-workers, people all around me cared and it came when i least expected it. on jaary 2nd, 2010, i stood on the scale with tears of joy, not disappointment. i lost over 10 pounds. while physicly it tookme just over one year, mentally it took me ten years. now i have a much more positive outlook on life. i have leaed that weight loss is about embracing the imperfections. it is not easy, but the rewards far outweigh the challenge.
10:41 am
>> what a lovely lady. >> terrific. >> before we meet her in person, we're here with today's contributing nutritionist and leader of the joy fit pack, joy bauer. >> i have to say, she looks like a model. she looks like a model. i think one of the sweetest pieces of her storyis that when she realized sheas a hard corps emotional leader, she used her parents, her brother, and her boyfriend as her support system. whenever she wanted to eat to fuel an emotion, she would call them. >> did she change what she ate at the time as well? >> she did. >>he support team is right there. >> so in the past, what she was eating, a jumbo bagel, whic we all love, but they're calorieific with cream cheese. they loved her bagels. she's strategic now. instead s's taking advantage of some of the bagel thins or sandwich flats on the market with scrambled egg whites, tomato, low fat cheese, 250 calories. i'm also showing that if you go
10:42 am
to a store for all of our viewers out that that love bagels, scoop it. look at all this unnecessary dough, you'll dilute a lot of calories. >> and they have flagels, flat bagels. >> get 100% wholeheat and they're yummy. and these are in the marke now. you can enjoy bagels at home. many 100% whole wheat bags, sandwich flats and thomas' has the bagel thins, there is a lot of great options, you can enjoy a bagel. >> let's meet the model. here is ali's before picture. ♪ beautiful day >> oh, my gosh. >> told you. >> yes, she does. >> minka kelly is back. how adorable >> a year actually isn't that much time. did it come off quickly right away? >> i think once i really committed, that was when it just started coming off. and i madehat choice.
10:43 am
>> did you reach plas s platea get discourad? >> i didn't plateau during the loss, it was after when i became this thin person, it was learning this is who i am now and adjusting to that for me was a bigger plateau th the proces >> you also incorporated exercise because you say you like to spin andwe all cringed. >> i love spinning. >> what is it, the rush, the music? >> the adrenaline and, you know, after the class, feeling like, wow, i just did this. initially i sat in the back, i couldn't mak it through a class and i just kept going and every time i could do an extra minute without feeling like i was going to pass out. >> and your family -- >> i'm on my way. >> we didn't get to show your loved ones. we should. can we get a shot of the family members because these guys work -- eah, wecan. get a shot of them. they can try. got the mom, the dad, the brother. >> they're not in the light. >> that's all right. we can see them. >> hoda always insists. >> yeah, because, anyway, they
10:44 am
worked really hard to help you out and i think that's a very cool thing. >> she's a great chef now. >> and she's cooking healthier and all of that good stuff. >> all right. >> you look lovely and congratulations. >> thank you. >> go, ali. >> up nex what's up? >> we're going to decipher the wine, the intimidating wine list. >> after that. i don't want to do that. is theot that, you know... is theot helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you cajoin the fight agait breast cancer every timeou enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia. 50 on this card, maybe do... or you can use kmart layaway - withust $5, plus a little down - you spread the payments over eight weeks with no finance charges. you're good! no matter w you do the math - kmart layaway is the easy way to p.
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10:48 am
. you take your seat, the server hands you the menu and follows it up with a wine lt the size of the declaration of independence and you think what now? >> leslie sbrocco can tell you, author of "the simple and savvy wine guide". >> one of our favorite ladies. >> are you ready to order wine? >> we are. >> it is tough. when there are a million reds, a million whites and you're not sure which one. >> you get intimidate they say, here you go. my first recommendation is to actually open the wine list, figure out do i want white, do i want red andook at what you want -- >> or roset.
10:49 am
>> or pink or sparkling or sweet. look at the list and find a wine you recognize or a price point you're comfortable with. >> okay. >> more imortant. and keep in mind the markup of wines. basically retail -- you take a retail price, $10 forine at a store, it will be at least $30 on a wine list. they mark it up two to three times more than retail. >> wow. i didn't know that. >> yeah. sometimesheaper wines are mark up the most and less expensive ones the least. >> be careful bridrinking it bye glass. because that can add up to more than the bottom. >> do not be afraid of talking to the sommelier. >> that's what he's paid for. they can be intimidating. you don't want to look stupid. >> you got this -- people get confused about how to ask for the sommelier. >> pronounce the word. >> it is sommelier. that's it. >> let's get down to business. thesommelier will clue you in
10:50 am
on interesting things. take a sip. try both of these wines together and tell me -- they're both beautiful wines, but tell me what you think abt them. what you might do if you're with a client and you say i only want to spend $50, have the sommelier come over and say i like a cabernet sauvignon like this. and they'll know the price point you're looking for. this is about $50 retail, about $100 on a list. >> the one without the sticker. >> you tell me. the other wine is their sister label, about half th price. >> i like the one with the -- >> i like the one without the do-da. >> and you like the one with the do-da this is the expensive one. but both delicious. you saved money and the sommelier can direct you. are you ready to get up and go? run, run, run. >> that's the way she rolls. >> size matters. we know that. >> oh, boy. >> here is your glass of wine. remember that a glass of wine by the glass can be expensive. actually they cover the cost of their bottle with that first glass. so what they pay for that bottle
10:51 am
is charged for by the glass. >> the rest is gravy, baby. >> the rest is gravy for them. that's right. so your best bet ght be to go, get a little higher quality wine with half bottles. >> a lot of them come in half bottles. >> and oer half white and half red. >> there you go, hoda. >> i lychik like. >> now i have adventurous selections. the adventure is over here. and the classics are here. >> okay. >> so this is the jordan chardonn. kathie lee, youaste that. hoda, i want you to go for the big boy red. >> this is the red. okay. >> these are two of my favorite wines on wine lists around the country. ts is the jordan chardonnay from california. russian river. >> great area. >> gorgeous area. you'll see that for less than $50 on a wine list >> good. >> that's the chianti classic and that's a little more expensive, $80 but fabulous >> hoda is worth it. the guys that take her out should realize that.
10:52 am
they know who they are. cut it out. give the woman what she wants. >> youre sick. i'm trying to give her some bubbles and she won't let me. >> she'll let you. give her some bubbles. >> that is -- taste that too, hey. >> sure. >> this is my makeoverwine, my adventurous makeover wine a, an alternative to champagne. if you don't want to spend the money on champagnethis is from northern italy, it is about $30 a bottle retail and less than $30 on a wine list. >> it is a pretty bottle. >> a beautiful bottle. >> that is verygood. i don't like a lot of champagne. i know sparkling wine. >> sparkling wine from northern italy. >> it is delicious. >> these are your classic wis. that's maybe with your client and you want to impress em. these are more adventurous. >> okay. >> this is from brazil. >> thank you. >> brazil, baby. so if you -- see sommelier, you go it now. this is from brazil. if you're at a brazilian
10:53 am
truscaria -- >> a little more acidic. >> think about that with a side of beef. >> how about a big old brazilian guy? >> i didn't want to say anything. >> athing tastes better with -- with fabio or, you know. >> be advenrous and go for a brazilian wine or an indian wine when you're at an indian restaurant. >> leslie, thank you very much.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
what are you doing, miss sar >> the postmenopausal breast conversation continues. jessica wrote, it used to be "playboy" and now it is "nation geographic." >> somebody sent me a birthday card where the woman is on the side of the road and her breasts are on the floor and the guy walks by and goes, drop something? yeah. two things. see you tomorrow. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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